Copper Coast Drive-by Spooking!

Nasty old Covid put a stop to the usual Halloween celebrations in 2020 but out on Waterford’s Copper Coast we started a new tradition. Last October the 7 communities within the UNESCO Geopark collectively delivered the first “Copper Coast Geopark Drive By Spooking”. Residents, community groups and businesses from Fenor Annestown, Boatstrand, Bunmahon, Stradbally, Kill, and Dunhill decorated their premises with creepy creatures! Many of the displays were ingeniously made with repurposed everyday bits and pieces as restrictions kept us out of the shops. There was an impressive array of scarecrows and effigies; we had Bob the zombie, a chainsaw wielding maniac, futuristic welder, a murdered chef, ghouls, goblins a banshee and even a plague doctor! Some garden gates sported beautiful carved pumpkins and the traditional turnips; many of them home grown!

A special mention to Friends of Dunhill Community Hall who even had a virtual “live news report” on the night. A huge thank you to everyone who joined in, and to those who left sweets out for the children as they went out #coppercoastspooking!

We really enjoyed taking an evening drive within our own 5K. Feedback from Halloween 2020 was brilliant, “A practical safe way of enjoying trick or treating in a rural area”. We plan to do it all again this Halloween so start collecting your spookiest props!!

Do you live in one of the 7 Copper Coast Geopark villages? Why not decorate your garden, window, gate, business, school or even farm with creepy creative creations!

Use as many recycled and up-cycled items as you can! Even cycles!!

Give your display a mining or geological theme if you dare!

Families can then take a tour at dusk (about 5pm) to admire the results from the safety of their own car.

Share your pictures on social media for those who can’t travel using the hash tag #coppercoastspooking

Do drive carefully, make sure displays aren’t a hazard and don’t forget about social distancing. Stay safe warm and dry this Halloween!

Witch Copper Coast village will be the spookiest?

Fenor, Annestown, Boatstrand, Bunmahon, Stradbally, Kill, or Dunhill???

About Copper Coast Geopark

The Copper Coast Geopark is in Co. Waterford, Ireland and is an outdoor museum of geological records; it stretches along the coast from Kilfarassy Beach, near Fenor in the east to Ballyvoile Beach near Stradbally to the west. Volcanoes, oceans, deserts and ice sheets all combined to create the rocks which provide the physical foundation of the natural and cultural landscapes of the area. Follow the self-guided "Copper Coast" trail and walking cards available from the The Copper Coast Geopark Centre in Bunmahon.

Please respect our Geology and Nature; leave them with us, take just memories away.

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