Mining Genealogical Records

Little is known about the miners who worked here in the 19th Century. Most of them left the area with their entire families to work in the copper mines of Michigan and Montana, USA.

Lists of Names of those associated with the Mines in Bunmahon
The following lists have been compiled by our local historian, Des Cowman.

The original spelling of the names has been largely retained unless there was an obvious mistake. For instance the original spelling of what would now be “O’Brien” has been retained “Brian”. Likewise, the current O’Sullivans has been left without their prefix.

The listings are available as Excel spreadsheets or Adobe PDF files for download.

The children of Bunmahon Miners:
The following list is a record of the children born to miners working in the Bunmahon mines between 1864 and 1881. The list gives fathers, mothers and child’s name, date of birth, address and comments.

Knockmahon School.     This is compiled from the rolls of that school of all the children whose fathers’ occupation was given as Miner.
Knockmahon school (Miners’ children)

Marriage Registers:
The following is a record of the marriages which took place between 1845 and 1875.
Details of Groom and Brides’ fathers’ occupations and residences. Groom and brides’ ages and brides’ occupations.
Marriage Registers

Death Registry:
The following list is a record of the people who died in Bunmahon between 1864 and 1877.
Name, date of death, age, residence, cause of death and length sickness.
Bunmahon Death Registers

Valuation records:
The following list is a record of the people who lived in Bunmahon between 1850 and 1874. The list compiles information from 3 valuation records for Bunmahon; the primary one circa 1850, then the 1870-1871 and the 1873-1874.

Templey1841                     The area west of the River Mahon (Templybrick, including Bunmahon) was owned by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. From their archive the list of houses without land attached was compiled. It is assumed many of these were mineworkers.
Templey1841 rents toRCPI

A Bibliography                  This is a compilation of all known writings on Waterford mines.

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